It’s almost one week since the day I touched down in Italy, embracing a new adventure in the land of art, history, fashion, food, and most importantly, the land of love.

Things have started going into orbit. I moved to a beautiful and tranquil neighborhood in Segrate, 40 mins to downtown Milano by public transport and only 5 mins walk to supermarket. Every  day I wake up to the sound of birds chirping cheerfully in the garden, and I would jump out of bed, make a quick Skype call to my parents just to say hi, then walk to the front yard to breathe in the fresh chilling morning air and let the sun shine on my face.

Milan’s central station at midnight

My first impression of Italian people are their laid-back style of living and undeniable sense of fashion. Men are charming and women are sexy, even at their 70s. Most of them dress simple yet look so sophisticated and classy. This reminds me of a soundtrack in my fav movie “Confessions of a shopaholic” that says “it does not matter what you wear, it’s how you wear it” (Blue Jeans – Jesse James). It’s true. Italian men do pay attention to little details like beard, scarf and fragrance; whereas women would not step out of the house without accessories like necklace and bracelets — lots of them.

But I guess personality and confidence also add up to their sexy looks. Each and everyone of them stretch their walks on Milan streets with grace, believing they are unique and beautiful in their own ways. All in all, Milan looks like a huge runway, full of liveliness.

My new home in Milan

G picked me up at the central station when I first arrived and brought me to his small but cozy and homey studio flat. He cooked me delicious pasta, let me sleep in his extra bed and answered all my questions about the new city. G is a real adventurer, a vagabond, and a really interesting human being. Can’t wait to join him and his gang for trekking this weekend!

When the endless paperwork and search for accommodation are finally over, I started indulging myself a little. D, my new Vietnamese friend, brought me to Duomo, a famous Cathedral church situated in the most touristy area in Milan. We wandered aimlessly around the church, joining a smal crowd chanting hallelujah before getting ourself lost among fancy stream clothing stores along the city’s piazzas. Most of these items are not too luxurious that only the rich can buy; they are made just to fit in the pockets of millions of young people around the world. To me, it was like Heaven. I could literally take all those shoes and coats and bags and accesories home. But it took a lot of courage not to do so. So I ended up buying a black leather jacket, a flowery scarf and a necklace as early Xmas gifts for myself.

Duong and I parted around 8 pm before I met Giu for another round of adventure, this time into Milan’s night life. We tried Italy’s signature Margherita pizza & Gelato, and walked along the historic buildings, the bars and night clubs, the restaurants with outdoor seating, and ended our tour at Navigli, the district of canals, around midnight.

It was a cold and puzzling Saturday night, the crowds were just getting bigger and it seemed to me that Milan ain’t go to sleep anytime soon. But I am not here as tourist. I’m not in a rush to learn all about Milan overnight. There’s so much about history and culture of this charming place I want to explore. I have at least three months to decode what Milan and other Italian cities are really about, like why they have been able to preserve those millennium monuments and what make people here always look so chic. This is just the start of my new journey…

Yummy Margherita pizza at Spontini – near Duomo church, downtown Milan

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